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Little Jerry





Soulful. Elegant. Fun. The Little Jerry, was conceived by local entrepreneurs and industry leaders, Saad and Jody. This energetic duo realized their dream of sharing great music with their neighborhood, ​and with the broader Toronto culture and community in mind. Their passion for music and people is evident. The atmosphere and quality of sound is just perfect.  


The Little Jerry came together very naturally through regular site visits and thorough interconnected design principles. Loaded with custom cabinetry, each section built is with purpose. The layout tuned to its operation; clean and efficient. The richness and excitement of their passions are reflected in the woodwork.


Heartfelt and sophisticated, The Little Jerry was a treat to build. Working predominantly with Walnut and Curly Maple, composing the space to the personified sound of their passion for art, entertainment, community with a knock-out wine list and tapas. 

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