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Established in Toronto in 2014, Fair Builders was founded by a group of local builders; each one specializing in different mediums among the construction industry, yet sharing a common feeling of passion, dedication and love for design, creation and working with the hands.

From a journeyman carpenter,  a welder, and a commercial iron worker, to a fine artist, our diversity in skill sets us apart, and has allowed us to take on very intricate and unique projects. Inevitably, this has opened the door for us into high-end commercial and residential construction. However, we love any chance to design and construct functional beauty, no matter the scale, and we continue to approach each project with patience and care that exudes exceptional craftsmanship. 

As a growing company, we love challenges and discovering new approaches to how we connect with our craftsmanship and intuitive point of view within the industry of building and design. As a result, we have formed great alliances with individuals with decades of experience. These individuals are integrated in our collective team and continue to help define our continued success.

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