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Fair Builders draws focus to an artistic and intuitive approach to building. Our philosophy considers balance as a cornerstone for construction, seeking to unite nature with urban living. 


Based in Toronto, Fair Builders is a multi-faceted, general contracting company. Our work is driven by a desire to enhance connection among individuals and communities to beautiful spaces and well crafted design concepts. Specializing in both wood and metal work, each project we undertake is unique and is a result of close collaboration with our clients. 


We pride ourselves on allowing the necessary time throughout our design and building process, in order to bring to life a vision that is distinctive and that will exceed your expectations. At Fair Builders we are truly “fair”. With an understanding that every project has a budget, the transparency of our quotes will help you to make an informed design decision to ensure that the project can be carried out within your financial parameters. 

"I can't emphasise how incredible their craftsmanship is. They went so far beyond my expectations and the results were spectacular. Professional and remarkably fair priced.

Hire these guys. You will not be disappointed!"

-Ron T.

"I don’t usually write reviews but these guys deserve to get their name out there. Simon is very professional. The quote was prepared quickly and emailed with a precise diagram that included the cost breakdown by section. He arrived right on time every day and the work was completed on schedule and they cleaned up everything when they were done. The quote was fair and the quality of materials and construction were great. I definitely recommend these guys. "

-John F


"After a month and a half of getting exorbitant quotes from unresponsive contractors, I stumbled along Fair Builders in a Facebook group. Simon and Omar were polite, fast, easy going and most importantly, fair. These guys deserve more word of mouth and I would definitely use them again for any contracting job. "

-Carly  L

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